Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America
FastTrack Service
Norton offers a range of made-to-order products on a FastTrack basis. Contact your local distributor or Norton Sales Representative to find out more about how you can take advantage of Norton's FastTrack Services.

FastTrack Abrasive Sanding Belt Service

Norton's strategically located FastTrack Service Centers offer all the benefits of an ISO 9001 quality manufacturer and the advantages of a coated abrasives express belt service. As the industry's leading producer of abrasive material and backings, Norton offers an extensive range of made-to-order sanding belts including Norton SG ceramic alumina -shipped within two to five days of Norton's receipt of order.

Diamond and CBN Superabrasive B99 Express

The Norton B99 Express line is designed to offer you up to 65,000 made-to-order choices of resin bond Diamond and CBN wheels. Almost all popular sizes are offered. Size and shape availability are shown in the Norton Superabrasives Products Form # 27. B99 Express wheels will ship in two weeks or less from the date the order is received by Norton.

Blank Stock Microabrasive Superfinishing Sticks

Superfinishing blank stock encompasses a wide range of different specifications. These blanks can be finished to your dimensional requirements within two weeks of Norton's receipt of your order. Small lots, for test purposes, can be express shipped. Specifications, sizes and tolerances are all listed in the Norton Superfinishing Capabilities brochure Form #126.

Creepfeed Wheel Blank Stock - FastTrack Service

The Creepfeed Vortex 48-Hour Express Stock Program has 53 different size and specification combinations. These value-priced, high performance grinding wheels can be altered to your dimensional requirements and shipped within 48 hours of Norton’s receipt of your order. Please contact your local Norton distributor or sales representative for ordering instructions, order quantity guidelines or any other questions.

Precision Large 55A Blank Stock Wheels - FastTrack Service

These competitively-priced, monocrystalline-grain grinding wheels are specifically engineered for numerous carbon steel applications requiring moderate to heavy stock removal rates. They can be altered to your specific needs within two weeks of Norton's receipt of your order.

Vitrified Toolroom Wheels - ID and Race Wheels

Vitrified First Line (VFL) ID and Race Wheel availability encompasses over 1,000 wheel sizes and thirteen abrasive types. These high performance grinding wheels are made to order and shipped within two weeks of Norton’s receipt of your order. Complete details regarding specific sizes and abrasive types are listed in the Norton VFL Availability booklet Form #6981