Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America
Sharpening Stones

Since 1823, Norton has been the leading supplier of benchstones, files, slips and rubbing bricks. Our comprehensive line of sharpening and finishing stones delivers the superior performance you want.


Line includes:
• sharpening stones
• benchstones
• benchstone sharpening systems and oilstones
• waterstones
• diamond sharpening stones
• abrasive files
• precision files, engravers' chuck and points
• abrasive slips, carbide tool slips, round edge slips
• specialty stones for woodworking
• rubbing bricks

Link to Norton Sharpening Stones

Norton Professional Sharpening Solutions website.

Dressing Sticks

Regular use of properly selected dressing sticks will help you achieve maximum performance from your grinding wheels.

Stackable Diamond Benchstones

USA-made, color-coded benchstones have unique stackable non-skid rubber feet designed to keep the diamond plate steady while you sharpen and finish small tools.

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