Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
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Merit Products

In 1945, Merit was founded to service the needs of industrial deburring and finishing industries. From its first product, the Sand-O-Flex brush-backed sander, through Grind-O-Flex Flap Wheels, Bore Polishers and FlexEdge Discs, Merit has continued to develop innovative products. That innovative spirit continues today, with the introduction of the revolutionary Merit Blaze ceramic grain products which provide unrivaled specialty product performance in grinding and finishing.

Choose from Merit’s family of products for the right product for your application.


Non-woven nylon mesh, impregnated with abrasive to clean and remove imperfections on metal surfaces, clean built-up residue, deburr or finish a variety of surfaces, blend weld seams or create decorative finishes.

FastTrack Belts

Coated abrasive belts are available in various grain formulations: advanced ceramic seeded-gel, aggressive zirconia alumina, versatile aluminum oxide and super strong silicon carbide grain to meet a wide range of applications.


FlexDrum’s abrasive cloth sweeps away flaws. Hubs and abrasive segments can be combined to fit your job perfectly. Its extreme longevity and perfect balance make it well-suited for automatic as well as off-hand use.

Grind-O-Flex Flap Wheels

Grind-O-Flex flap wheels are an ideal choice for a wide variety of blending, deburring and finishing applications common in the polishing, metal fabrication and welding industries.

PowerFlex Discs

The innovative design of Merit’s advanced PowerFlex Flap Discs allows you to grind and finish in only one smooth operation — saving both time and money.

PowerLock Quick-Change Discs

Traditional aggressive Lantuck-backed discs, Flex-Edge discs and flexible PowerLock ‘fx’ discs: Merit carries a variety of quick-change disc to fit your every need.

Resin Fiber Discs

Merit’s resin fiber discs are made with only the finest grain available and manufactured with specially formulated bonding resins to minimize loading, glazing and grain stripping.


Sand-O-Flex’s abrasive strips are forced into, around and over corners, hollow and fluted surfaces and small openings with firm brushes of cushioning bristles.

ShurStik PSA Discs and Safety Tred

ShurStik PSA discs available in Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide or Zirconia Plus grains for high-speed grinding and polishing applications. ShurStik PSA Safety Tred for preventing slippery surfaces. 

Slashed Assemblies

Strips of coated abrasive designed for use with the Vonnegut Sanding Head or Wolf Head. A brush-backed head utilizes the slashed assemblies for deburring, sanding, polishing, cleaning, blending and smoothing.

Specialty Products

From cartridge rolls and spiral rolls to square and cross pads, overlap slotted discs, bore polishers and spiral bands, Merit has the ideal specialty product for you.

Test Kits

Test kits make it easier to compare Merit’s high quality, high performance, high value products against your current applications.