Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America
Flap Discs

Norton flap discs are engineered for light stock removal, blending and finishing all in one application. They grind like a depressed center wheel and finish like a fibre disc – helping you reduce process time and lower your total grinding costs.  


Type 29 and 27C Conical flap discs are the more aggressive choice, with flaps angles at 10°. The angle provides greater surface contact. Used on both conical and flat sufaces. Grind at steep angles 15° to 25°.

Type 27 Flat flap discs have a flat flap design and provide the best finish. Used primarily on flat surfaces they grind at flatter angles 0° to15°.


Flap discs are most commonly used on right angle grinders and vertical shaft portable grinders.

Norton Blaze R980P

Our re-engineered Blaze R980P ceramic flap discs with their improved Y-weight polyester backing and better base adhesion, have exceptional grain retention resulting in 30% longer life our original Norton SG Blaze discs.

Norton Blaze R980P Minis

Mini 2" and 3" TR and TS flap discs are ideal for jobs requiring a small areas of contact, and are packaged for retail/walk-in selling and small jobs. Choose Norton Blaze R980P for best/highest productivity on stainless steel, titanium, and super alloys.

Norton Red Heat R961

The upgraded ceramic flaps alternating with durable zirconia flaps in Red Heat flap discs increase performance by 20% for excellent efficiencies on mild carbon steel, ferrous metal, and cast iron applications.

Norton BlueFire R884P

The proprietary new zirconia alumina grain shape and chemistry in BlueFire flap discs improve life and cut rate by 15% over existing za discs. Ideal for grinding and finishing carbon steels, welds, alloys, and soft metals.

Norton BlueFire R884P Minis

Mini 2" and 3" TR and TS flap discs are ideal for retail/walk-in selling and small jobs. Better choice for appplications requiring small area of contact on mild carbon steel and welds.

Norton Neon R766

30%+ life versus competitive aluminum oxide products. With their economical initial price and versatility, Neon products are a good choice for shops with numerous requirements – from roughing to finishing − on soft metals to hard-to-grind stainless and carbon steel.

Norton Neon R766 Minis

Mini 2" and 3" TR and TS flap discs are ideal for job shops and small one-off runs in larger
shops - anywhere a good-performing, general purpose disc is needed

Norton Metal R828

Durable zirconia alumina abrasives. Good choice for aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless, and carbon steel.