Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America
Cloth Sheets

Engineered for maximum flexing and fast cutting, cloth sheets have a longer life than paper sheets. They tear cleanly and straight without shedding and are packed in a protective dispenser to eliminate waste and damage.


Typical Applications

• Scouring and light deburring
• Scale and rust removal
• Blending machine tool marks
• Fine sanding and polishing


Metalite K224 and K225 Cloth

Premium P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive makes Norton Metalite K224 and K225 cloth sheets ideal for general purpose metalworking applications.

Lightning Metalite K227 Cloth

P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive gives Norton Lightning Metalite K227 cloth sheets a fast cut rate and consistent finish for quality finishing and polishing.

Emery K622 Cloth

Highest quality, natural emery abrasive produces extra fine finishes, ideal for lapping. Choose Norton Emery K622 cloth sheets for extra fine finishes.

Durite Q421 Screen-Bak

Waterproof Norton Durite Q421 Screen-Bak sheets are made with P-graded silicon carbide abrasive on an open mesh backing. Ideal for wet or dry applications.

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