Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America

Non-woven Discs - Quick-Change - Norton Blaze Rapid Strip


Norton Blaze Quick-Change Rapid Strip Discs are the most versatile, longest-lasting stripping and blending disc on the market. Strip coatings and finish with the same disc. Quick-change fastener for easy, tool-free disc changes.


Key Applications / Materials

  • Strip/blend cast iron, steels, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite
  • Heavy scale removal
  • Stone/granite cleanup
  • Additional pressure will remove material (strip and clean)
  • Lighter pressure will finish similar to a medium grit surface conditioning disc
  • 2x as substantial as competitive discs so last 2x (plus) as long
  • Heavy coating of Norton SG Blaze ceramic alumina long-lasting grain and advanced resin bond
  • Conventional stripping discs and fiber discs can shed on rust-encrusted pieces. Blaze Rapid Strip discs will hold up, even when deburring edges
  • Stiff enough to stand abuse but soft enough to prevent gouging and rework
  • Extremely versatile: use one disc; apply some pressure to strip/remove coatings; lighter pressure finishes like a surface finishing disc
  • Use on edge for deburring weld root forms
  • Fewer safety, ergonomic, and environmental issues due to fewer change-outs, less downtime, and less production waste/landfill scrap
  • Open structure; will not load on sticky coatings, adhesives, and soft metals (e.g. aluminum, etc.)
  • Available with Type TR Quick-Change fasteners