Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America

Non-woven Discs - Quick-Change - Norton Vortex Rapid Prep


Norton Bear-Tex Vortex Rapid Prep Discs are the better choice for finishing and blending applications. Smear-free, even on high nickel content alloys.Will not load on aluminum and soft metals.


Typical Applications:

  • Removing surface defects
  • Removing light edge burrs, parting lines or flashing
  • Removing rust, oxides, corrosion, paints and scale
  • Cleaning molds
  • Blending mill marks, tool marks, uneven edges and coated abrasive finish
  • Proprietary Norton Vortex aluminum oxide abrasive grain and coating method
  • Most consistent cutting and finishing of surface conditioning products on the market
  • Combines fast cutting speed with the finish of finer grits
  • Reduce process times by 50+% by combining multiple grit sequences to 1 step in a
    blending operation
  • More resistant to edge wear; up 4X life vs. competitive products
  • Friable grain structure keeps Ra specs throughout disc life and reduces scrap and rework
  • Color-coded grit sizes for easy identification
  • New resin system is aerospace-tailored
  • Extended form holding for the lowest total cost of consumable tooling per workpiece
  • Tool-free, easy-on/easy-off Quick-Change fastening system