Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America
File and Portable Belts

File belt specifications to perform on the most demanding, intricate shapes, profiles and materials. Typical file belt applications include:

• Light weld removal and blending
• General clean-up and finishing
• Removing cutting tool marks from molds and dies
• Shape and contour sanding
• Surface preparation prior to coating and plating


Portable belts are ideal for all your metal and woodworking applications.
Typical portable belt applications include:

Grinding and finishing of all metals
• Blending of welds
• Sanding and finishing of wood
• Glass seaming and polishing

Norton Blaze R980P

Our re-engineered Norton Blaze Plus R980P ceramic belts, with their improved Y-weight polyester backing and better base adhesion, have exceptional grain retention resulting in 30% longer life and better control of the belt on the contact wheel than our original Norton Blaze belts.

Norton SG R981

Norton SG R981 Belts feature patented Norton SG ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive and a grinding aid coating, making them ideal for heat-sensitive jobs especially on hard-to-grind alloys.

Norton BlueFire R823P

The proprietary new zirconia alumina grain shape and chemistry in Norton BlueFire belts improve life and cut rate by 20% over existing za discs. Ideal for grinding and finishing carbon steels, welds, alloys, and soft metals.

Norton BlueFire R887-R884

Norton BlueFire R887 for foundry, investment castings, and metal fabrication. Norton BlueFire R884 for foundry, primary metal, and wood/floor sanding

Norton Neon R766

30%+ life vs. competitive aluminum oxide products. With their economical initial price and versatility, Norton Neon belts are a good choice for shops with numerous requirements – from roughing to finishing − on soft metals to hard-to grind stainless and carbon steel.

Norton NorZon Plus 3X Job Packs

Norton NorZon Plus 3X Belt Job Packs feature premium, self-sharpening, zirconia alumina abrasive in a handy, portable job pack; ideal for wall merchandising and carrying to the job site.

Norton Metalite R228

Norton Metalite R228 Belts use aluminum oxide abrasive for aggressive cutting and resistance to heat, making them a versative sanding belts for metal or wood.

Norton Metalite R283

The consistent, cool cut of P-graded premium aluminum oxide abrasive makes Norton Metalite R283 Belts versatile for all MRO applications.

Aluminum Oxide Job Packs

 Made of tough, durable aluminum oxide abrasive with an aggressive cutting action, these versatile Aluminum Oxide Job Packs are ideal for metal and wood.

Norton Onyx W448

Norton Onyx W448 portable belts use premium, patent-pending, aggregate grain technology, and represent the new standard in centerless, coil, and glass polishing. Made-to-order availability.