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Diamond Dressing Tools - Norton

Norton leads the truing and dressing tool industry in engineering and manufacturing technology.


Stock Tools
The broadest line of stationary diamond dressing tools and brake-controlled truing devices.


Custom-engineered Tools
We have custom tools for virtually every application. When Norton quality stock products do not fulfill your requirements for diamond quality or geometry, your Norton distributor, Norton sales representative and our product engineering staff will work with you to ensure that you get the right stationary diamond tool for your job on a custom design basis.


Resetting and Relapping Service
Norton offers expert resetting (removing single point diamond, rotating and exposing sharp, new point) and relapping (reconditioning form tool diamonds) of many of our tools – at a significant cost savings vs. new manufacture. Contact the Norton Customer Service group for a quote, current lead-times, and return procedures.


Typical Applications

  • Truing and dressing conventional and superabrasive wheels
  • Straight, step, radius and form dressing

Blade Tools

Norton Diamond Dressing Blade Tools are available in three styles: USB (Uniform Synthetic Blade), Multi-Cut and Long Life to match your application.

Cluster Tools

Norton Cluster Tools are designed specifically for straight face dressing of large diameter, coarse grit grinding wheels on single or double disc, centerless or surface grinders.

Form Tools

Norton Form Tools have diamond lapped to specific angles and radii required for a particular application, machine, contour dressing system, or CNC operation. Due to the high degree of accuracy necessary, the diamond is of special shape and quality.

High Performance Grit Tools

Norton High Performance Grit Tools are used in the same manner as multi-point tools, but are designed to produce a superior finish. They are used on 120 - 150 grit wheels. The traverse rates are equal to or faster than ordinary tools.

Multi-Point Tools

Since Norton conventional and high-performance Multi-Point tools never need turning or resetting, they are the most economical way to accomplish a variety of straight, tapered and step dressing operations on all sizes of cylindrical, centerless, surface and toolroom grinding wheels.

Single Point Tools

The Norton line of single point tools sets the industry standard for straight and simple form dressing applications. It includes: resettable and non-resettable products, tools for all abrasive types (conventional and advanced ceramic grains) and the technology-leading Norton “Indexable” tool design.

Toolroom Dressing Tools

Norton Toolroom Dressing Tools are primarily used on surface grinders to form the grinding wheel to an exact concave or convex radius. Although some tools are designed for use on a specific machine, many radius tools can be used on any grinder having the correct set-up

EZ Tool Diamond Product Selector

Interactive program to select the appropriate dressing tool, speeds, and feeds for diamond dressing applications.

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