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Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
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Dressing Sticks

Dressing Sticks



Regular use of properly selected dressing sticks will help you achieve maximum performance from your diamond and CBN wheels. Selected sticks are used for truing and dressing conventional vitrified wheels. Available in Norbide, Vitrified Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide, and Vitrified Superfine . An offhand grinding wheel Dressing Stick and Holder is also available.

Typical applications include truing, cleaning and dressing diamond, CBN and conventional abrasive wheels.

Norbide High Performance Sticks

  • For offhand truing and dressing of medium grit, soft and medium-grade vitrified grinding wheels
  • Norbide and Boron Carbide are the hardest sticks you can buy
  • Made from boron nitride, they are well suited for dressing tool and cutter wheels 10" and smaller, especially cup and saucer shapes


Vitrified Dressing Sticks

  • Aluminum Oxide (White) – For dressing and cleaning CBN wheels; these sticks also work well for diamond wheels
  • Silicon Carbide (Black) – Coarse grit (16 - 46) and hard-grade (R and harder) sticks are used for dressing conventional vitrified wheels; finer grit and softer grades are used for dressing diamond wheels.


Vitrified Superfine Sticks

  • For dressing superabrasive wheels


Offhand Grinding Wheel Dressing Stick and Holder

  • This convenient metal holder is widely used by mechanics and foundry-men for truing, dressing and changing the face of the wheel
  • The JT246 dressing stick – a very coarse grit silicon carbide for dressing conventional vitrified wheels – is firmly held and adjusted by the knurled control

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