Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America

Diamond & cBN CNC Wheels

Diamond & cBN - CNC - Norton GForce Univel Winter

Specifically developed to meet the demanding needs of precision cutting tool manufacturers and re-sharpeners. Highest quality diamond and cBN abrasives matched to superior high temperature bond systems, guarantee high performing wheels. Cutting tool manufactures who use these wheels report much improved dimensional accuracy and superior cutting edges.


Wheel sizes for most CNC machines and wheels shapes to produce the required cutting tool geometries. If you do not find a wheel in this offering to suit your specific needs, a custom-made wheel can be provided.

Typical Applications: CNC round tool grinding

Norton Paradigm Diamond Wheels – For CNC WC Round Tool Manufacturing
Norton G-Force cBN Whels – For CNC HSS Round Tool Manufacturing

  • Online and offline truable for maximum productivity
  • Wear and load resistance ensure superior grinding on 6% to 12% cobalt, better control over core growth
  • High grain retention and uniform structure deliver high G-ratio; up to 2.5 times longer life; 30% higher MRR than existing superabrasive wheels
  • Low specific cutting energy produces faster grinding with lower power draw and less burn

Norton G-Force and Polyimide Diamond Wheels – For CNC WC Round Tool Manufacturing


Univel and G-Force Premium Products  

  • Polyimide bond systems with superior form-holding and lower-power requirements compared to premium competitive wheels
  • Reduced frequency of dresses
  • Decreased chances of burn and heat damage to the part


  • Unique bond technology excels on round, carbide and steel tools
  • Abrasive is strongly held and wear-resistant
  • Self-dressing; maintains a consistently sharp grinding edge
  • Capable of very high material removal rates
  • The only product on the market that is truly rotary dress-able, allowing for lights-out manufacturing
  • Leads the industry in depth of cut, traverse rates, and form holding to reduce total grinding costs by 30% or more

Norton/Winter and Norton CNC Wheels – For Short Runs and Frequent Geometry Changes 



  • The product of choice for short-run manufacturing jobs where frequent wheel profile changes are required, and premium wheels can not be cost-justified; a price competitive alternative to Univel and G-Force
  • Can be reshaped for numerous short runs
  • Great performance/price ratio


  • Ideal for resharpening and short-run manufacturing operations
  • Competitively-priced while providing premium performance
  • Free cutting phenolic specifications formulated for oil coolants
  • Grind with less heat and pressure – eliminating burning
  • Consistent wheel-to-wheel performance
  • Reduced cycle times, less dressing = longer wheel life
  • Precision tolerances guarantee repeatable part geometry