Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America
Non-Woven Depressed Center Discs
Norton Bear-Tex Non-woven Depressed Center Discs are made of a web of strong synthetic fibers and quality abrasive, bonded together by a smear-resistant adhesive for cleaning, conditioning, and finishing a multitude of materials, quickly and easily with little loading.

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip

Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Depressed Center Discs are the most versatile, longest-lasting stripping and blending disc on the market. Strip coatings and finish with the same disc.

Norton Rapid Strip

Choose Norton Rapid Strip Depressed Center Discs for removal of paint and epoxy coating, surface rust and residue, corrosion, light weld splatter, dirt, mill scale and other similar surface contaminants.

Norton Vortex Rapid Blend

Norton Vortex Rapid Blend Depressed Center Discs are engineered with revolutionary technology for heavy deburring and finishing.

Norton Rapid Blend

Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Blend Depressed Center Discs do two jobs in one: clean and polish while imparting final finishes on a variety of materials. Color-coded by grit/abrasive for easy identification.