Norton Abrasives for the Industrial Market
North America
Non-Woven Surface Finishing Unified Wheels

Norton Bear-Tex Unified Wheels are designed for maintenance operations needing an efficient and cost-effective method of deburring, polishing, cleaning or finishing metals and composites.

Non-metallic Unified Wheels are easily preformed, making them usable on a wide variety of shapes/contours. The uniform construction maintains part tolerance; prevents cutting or gouging. They hold shape well, for less wheel dressing. Non-metallic so no contamination of workpiece


Typical Applications

  • Deburring flashings, threads, sharp edges
  • Removing excessive bonding agents after curing
  • Blending alloys
  • Polishing sheet metal and stainless steel
  • Polishing precision metal pieces and welds


Norton Rapid Strip

Extra coarse silicon carbide abrasive in these non-woven Bear-Tex Rapid Strip wheels makes them ideal for removing coatings on a variety of substrates, such as wood, metal, and plastics. A Norton GOOD tier product.

Norton Vortex Rapid Blend

Better choice for light weld bead and weld splatter removal, heavy deburring and finishing applications.

Norton NEX Rapid Blend

For an optimal combination of cut rate, life, finish and hardness/flexibility, choose Norton Bear-Tex NEX Rapid Blend Unified Wheels.

Norton Rapid Blend Deburring

Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Blend Deburring Unified Wheels are a good starting point for high speed deburring applications.

Norton Rapid Blend General Duty

Choose Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Blend General Duty Unified Wheels for general purpose light deburring applications.

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