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What is the Abrasive Connection?

Abrasive Connection is an online self-service center designed exclusively for Saint-Gobain distributors to check prices, available inventory, order status and invoices, as well as place orders electronically. You can do all this without placing a call  to Customer Service and Abrasive Connection is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, Customer Service is always available if you have further questions.


Key Advantages

Key information found online at Abrasives Connection includes the ability to:

  • Place Orders
  • Check Order Status
  • Track Orders
  • Check Product Price and Availability
  • Search for Products
  • View Invoices & Credit Memos


Some of the key advantages of the new Abrasive Connection Express over the “Old” Abrasive Connection are:


  • Faster response times. We have invested in new systems and hardware making your visit quicker and smoother.

  • Easier to find what you need. Improved user interface is self guiding, and allows you to switch between screens without loosing your work.

  • Flexible shipping. You can now select between many national carriers that serve the US and Canada, and you can ship your orders collect or third party billing.

  • Ship it air. We can now ship your orders via all major air carriers.

  • Multiple ways to search for a product. Products can be searched by using the Quick Search (simply enter the product number or any part of the product description), use Detailed attributes, or use a “Decision Tree” to help you find the right product to meet your needs. Make side-by-side comparisons of two products to quickly determine the product that best meets your customer’s need.  You can also add products to your cart while you search!

  • Order with your part number. If you provide a valid Saint-Gobain Abrasives part number you can enter the order using only that part number!

  • Product Price and availability at your fingertips. Product price and availability is now on one screen found on the Home Page Quick Price section, or by clicking the Quantity Brackets links found throughout the site.


How to Sign Up for the Abrasive Connection

Please note  that you must be a Saint Gobain Abrasives distributor to use Abrasive Connection.  Please go to, click Registration at the bottom of the screen to request a log-on id and password.  Our eBusiness team is here to help with any training or questions at 888-383-2236, or email us at

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